Key Caring and Cleaning Tips for Emeralds

Emerald is an imperial gemstone having a class of its own. Owing to its unmatched hue, Emeralds are considered as one of the most popular gemstones in the market. The high-quality emerald is vivid green or bluish green with even saturation and is neither too dark nor too light. Emeralds are incredibly beautiful and if you have purchased any Emerald jewelry recently then you must keep in mind these below cleaning and caring tips to keep your valuable investment looking beautiful for many years to come.

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The reason behind its critical cleaning and caring is because emeralds are softer and less durable in comparison to its counterparts they are highly susceptible to chipping or scratching. Jewellers generally treat them to enhance their durability and to bring out its rich color but even you should be familiar with basic cleaning and caring of emeralds. Firstly, you need to know something about how to handle emeralds. From the very first day of buying an emerald make sure you clean it with a soft cloth at least three times a week. Don’t wait for the dust to get accumulate on its surface as emerald cannot endure chemical or ultrasonic cleaning.

Also, refrain from exposing the emerald to extreme temperatures. As they do not have strong basal surfaces when subjected to extreme temperatures can create cracks in their surfaces.

See that you don’t bash or hit Emerald against hard surfaces and keep them separate from other gemstones or jewelry. Avoid wearing this stone 24/7 and it’s advisable to remove it while you are sleeping or bathing or swimming and also refrain it from wearing during any other rigorous physical activity.

Moreover, you also need to take care of how you wear the emerald. You should know when to wear it and when to take it off. Wear emerald only after you have applied body lotion, makeup, perfume or hairspray. Avoid touching emeralds with your bare hands as skin oils can affect the appearance of the stone.

Now talking about cleaning the emeralds below are some steps to follow while cleaning them on your own:

  • Firstly in order to remove the accumulated dirt and oil clean your emerald jewelry with a soft micro-fiber cloth.
  • Then fill a bowl with some lukewarm water and add some mild soap in it. Place your emerald in it and let it stay a while in the bowl (you can either keep it in the water for few hours or even overnight).
  • The third step is it to clean them with a soft or jewelry toothbrush after taking them out from the soap water.
  • Fill one more bowl of lukewarm water with no mild soap in it. Keep the emerald in it until no soapy residue remains on it.
  • Lastly, dry it with a soft and clean micro-fiber cloth.

Avoid using ultrasonic cleaner or commercial jewelry cleaner on your emerald jewelry as these would remove the oils with which the gemstone was treated. Hence, you can either clean them or take it to professional jewelers who provide Natural Gemstones For Sale.

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