Tips to Buy Opal Gemstones

Opals are considered as one of the most brilliant looking gemstones and are believed to be formed from the rainwater. Opal also is known as the Queen of Gemstones represented fortune and hope for ancient Roman. It’s the October month’s birthstone and is derived from the Sanskrit word “upala” meaning precious stone and Greek word “Opallios” meaning to see a change in color.

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So you have been meaning to buy an opal gemstone but are confused about how to find and buy the right one. Let’s see the important three factors which play a major role when measuring the value of Opal: When it comes to categorizing and pricing opal, it is generally based upon the overall body color, the unique composition of color and the transparency displayed by each gem.

Body Color: Body-Color is basically the core color of the opal which ranges from colorless to milky white, gray and semi-black to black and other different vibrant colors (red, orange, yellow and blue). The price of the opal is based upon the depth and richness of the core color.

Color Composition: The paradox about opal’s color composition generally consists of bursts of multiple colors which changes according to the angle you view it from. And the concentration and dispersion of the colors are what determines the opal’s value.

Transparency: Opals tend to be transparent (the stone is see-through), translucent (the stone allows diffused light to pass through) and opaque (no light penetration) and transparent stones bears more value in comparison to the opaque ones.

When it comes to buying opals there are certain considerations you should be making so that you can buy the stone of higher value: Firstly, you need to find out as much as you can about the opal you are planning to buy then determine the value factors. Verify the color quality; see that the light’s concentration is visible from all angles. Take body color into consideration; opals with dark overall color are rare stones, and hence are higher in price. Consider the transparency level; higher transparency is equal to the higher value of opal. Determine whether the opal comes under the category of doublets or triplets; as solid opals hold a higher value than the doublets or triplets categorized one.

Hence, these were some decisive factors which can help you determine the value of Opals. Take them into consideration and you will certainly be able to find a genuine one especially where there are Natural Gemstones For Sale.

Opals are available in many different shades including:

  • Black Hue
  • White Shade
  • Pink Opal
  • Morado Opal
  • Harlequin Opal
  • Cat’s Eye Opal
  • Triplet Opal
  • Doublet Opal
  • Blue colored Opal
  • Green Opal
  • Fire Opal
  • Boulder Opal
  • Crystal Opal
  • Matrix Opal

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