5 Things to keep in mind before Buying Emeralds

Emeralds are those gemstones that have a class of their own. Such is the beauty of this gemstone that it has become one of the most sought-after and fascinating gemstones in the world. Emerald stone is the birthstone of May and is associated with the constellation of Taurus. The highest quality of emeralds can be found in Brazil, Zambia, and Colombia.

The word Emerald is derived from the Latin word “Esmeralda” or “Esmaraldus” and was found for the very first time in Egypt in the 1500 BC.

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If you are very much fascinated with this beautiful gemstone and are considering to Buy Gemstones For Jewelry soon and that too an emerald then there are some things you must consider before buying one.

First and foremost, you should be considering the quality of the emerald which generally includes:

Emerald’s Hue: Hue is the purity of the color of an emerald and is something that should be considered before you make your purchase. Most of the emeralds come with a blue-greenish tint while some with yellow-green tint. And the valuable ones have strong green color sans any blackening in the stone’s appearance.

Emerald’s Darkness: Darkness is the stone’s color tone which normally scales from light to deep dark green. Emerald’s with darker hues are considered to be the expensive ones while that ranges between medium to strong green comes after the darker ones in terms of quality.

Emerald’s Saturation: Saturation means concentration or intensity of the emerald’s color where a stone with high saturation (better light reflection) holds more value and the one with low saturation will appear to be dull and mute.

Emerald’s Clarity: Clarity is measured through the visibility of the inclusions (flaws) found in the stone. Pure and highly valued emeralds would have visible inclusions and if any emerald doesn’t have any inclusion then they are either fake or manufactured in a lab. Hence, when evaluating the clarity of an emerald, see it with naked eyes and check whether it looks clean or not.

Also, remember that the inclusions shouldn’t be more in number as that would diminish the appearance of the stone. The greater number of inclusions can even affect the stone’s composition making it more vulnerable to damage. Hence, it’s wise to forego emeralds that have inclusions too close to the stone’s surface. Instead, go for stones with fewer inclusions as such stone would hold more value.

Emerald’s Carat: Talking about the carat of an emerald stone, the size of an emerald typically decides its price i.e. bigger the stone, higher is its price. The reason behind its high price is that bigger emeralds are not easily found and this makes them rare and pricey.

Hence, these were some important things that you should consider before buying an emerald. No matter where you buy the stone from, see that you buy it from a certified gemstone seller.

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