All You Need To Know About November Birthstones

November Birthstones

Birthstone and their brilliant colors have this irresistible charm that is quite hard to actually neglect. Birthstones are gemstones that are associated with each birth month where each bears a special as well as amazing historical significance. The reason behind their popularity is basically their history that dates back to the archaic times when people used to believe that gemstones have real and extraordinary powers – be it for bringing good fortune, health or prosperity.

Gemstones are such that they can be a valuable present for your friends and family. Traditionally, gemstones were related to each month (one or multiple) but today the birth months and the gemstones are not similar to the ones that were used in ancient times. Well, as we are in the month of November we will be talking about the birthstones related to this month i.e. topaz and citrine. Both these bright and brilliant gemstones are the birthstones of the people born in the month of November and are believed to bring warmth and fortune to the wearer.

When it comes to the appearance of Topaz and Citrine, both of them look quite similar and were generally confused with each other quite often but in actual sense, they are not at all related. These gemstones are pretty abundant and hence, are quite affordable even when you are looking for natural gemstones for sale.


As Topaz is the birthstone of November month it can be gifted to those with November birthdays and even to celebrate 19th wedding anniversary. Historically, Topaz was categorized under yellow gems but they are available in many different colors. The name topaz is derived from the word “Topazios” which is an island in the Red Sea. Raw or pure topaz is colorless and can be further stained with impurities to obtain different shades of colors. Precious topaz generally ranges from brownish orange to yellow and is often confused with smoky quartz or citrine quartz. The topaz color which is considered to be the most valuable is Imperial Topaz and exhibits a shade of bright orange with pink undertones. Topaz is a durable gemstone which is believed to calm anger, relieve madness and ward off bad dreams.


Citrine is the second birthstone of the month November and this stone’s hue generally ranges from pale yellow to brownish orange and is named after its lemony shades. The yellow tone of citrine is due to the fragments of iron in the stone and the pure citrine is generally rare and hard to find. Citrine is a durable stone and is resilient against usual wear and tear. Citrine is believed to bring comfort, wealth, prosperity, eliminate negative feelings and incite imagination. Precious citrine gems are infused with yellow, orange and reddish hues while the gems that appear pale or opaque are generally of low value.

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