5 Most Trending Gemstones in The World

There is something very enchanting about gemstones and the fact that they look extremely beautiful is what makes them very popular especially among the women. The popularity of gemstones is nothing new because they have been used by people since ages – be it for embellishing clothes, jewellery and was even used for healing purposes by the early civilizations. Yes, the gemstones that we wear today differ considerably to what the people of old times used to wear i.e. the stones we see today are more refined. Gemstones themselves have evolved tremendously. That being said, let’s look at 5 most popular gemstones:

  1. Diamonds: Diamonds are the birthstone for the month of April and are the most famous, most expensive and most sparkly gemstones in the world. This gemstone is very Diamondold probably a billion of years old and is made of 100% carbon. The name diamond is derived from a Greek word “adamas” meaning invincible or indestructible.


People in ancient times had this belief that diamonds gave the wearer strength and courage during hard times and even during battles. The color of this gemstone is usually pale yellow to colorless but can also be turned into brown, blue, green, orange, red, pink and black if you are looking to buy certified diamonds online.

2. Pearls: Pearls are perhaps the most classic stone available out there where the cream colored ones are the most popular and desirable.  Pearls are the birthstone for the people born in the month of June and the most interesting thing about pearls is that they are the only gemstones which are not mined from earth but obtained from living animals. Pearls are available in many different colors (black, pink, white and cream) and shapes (round, pear, oval and asymmetrical).


Pearls are believed to symbolize fertility, loyalty, and friendship and were used in mourning and even for memorial jewelry in the Georgian and Victorian era. And one of the most interesting facts about pearls is that no two pearls are alike and they all have some kind of imperfection.


3. Sapphires: Sapphire is the birthstone of the month September and the name of this gemstone is derived from a Latin word “sapphiru” which means blue. Sapphires are available in different shades of blue colors ranging from vibrant blue to midday sky to navy blue to night sky blue to yellow tone and pink of dawn and dusk.

SapphiresThe valuable sapphires have a mid color blue with a concentrated blue tone (color tone remains consistent under different lightings). This gemstone is generally associated with loyalty and dignity and is one of the favorite gemstones of royalty since many centuries.


4. Rubies: The word Ruby is derived from a Latin word “rubens” meaning red and is available in different shades of red including darkish red to pigeon blood red to pinkish red. This gemstone is the birthstone for July and the valuable ones have a rich red color with traces of blue tone.

RubiesAlmost every ruby stone has imperfections and the one without imperfections are very rare to find. Rubies symbolize passionate love, power, and protection.



5. Emeralds: The word Emerald came from a Greek word “smaragdus” and is the birthstone of the people born in the month of May. This gemstone is considered as one of the four precious stones around the world. Emeralds are available in different shades of green from a strong shade of green to soft green to grass green and lightest shade of green and deeper the color the more valuable the stone. Rubies in the actual sense are sapphires only but are just a different color.

EmeraldsHigh-quality emeralds would always have inclusions and the ones without inclusion are perhaps the synthetic ones. People in ancient times associated emeralds with birth and fertility.



Hello, if you think I forget to mention something important about gemstone then please mention in below comment section So I will update in my article next time or you can give a review and your opinion about gemstone.




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