All You Need To Know About December Birthstones

“Birthstone” as the name suggests are gemstones that accompany every birth month carrying a specific meaning and historical significance with it. Birthstones are quite popular and the reason behind their popularity is their beauty and brilliance. Not just today, they were also very popular in ancient times and their popularity spans back to archaic times when people used to believe that gemstones had extraordinary powers such as fortune, health, and prosperity. Usually, every month has a single gemstone associated with it but there are some months that have more than one birthstone associated with it.

December BirthStone

There are many myths and tales surrounding the birthstones and according to them, a person who wears a gemstone of his/her birth month can get the powers associated with that particular gemstone. Well, as we have stepped into the month of December we will be looking at the birthstones associated with this particular month i.e. Tanzanite, Zircon, and Turquoise.


This December birthstone is found only in one part of the world i.e. in the Merelani Hills of Tanzania and that’s where it got its name “Tanzanite”. Tanzanite happens to show different colors when viewed from different directions and under different lightings. This gemstone can either be violetish blue or deep blue (same as sapphire) and even purplish. Tanzanite was discovered in the 20th century and today it is one of the most popular gemstones in the world (due to its dramatic color tones and high clarity). Tiffany & Co. named this stone “Tanzanite” in 1968 when they decided to introduce this stone to the world through their promotional campaign.  Tanzanite is believed to propel and integrate energies and also aids in spiritual healing.


Zircon is the alternate birthstone for December and is a bright blue colored gemstone which is also available in a range of colors including yellow, brown, orange, green, and deep red. Zircon was believed to aid insomnia, protect against dark and evil and bring fortune to the wearer.  The most valuable color of Zircon is the red Zircon which is very rare to find followed by intense blue and sky blue colored stones. The word Zircon is derived from Arabic words “zar” and “gun” meaning “gold” and “color”.

Zircon was believed to be found before 4.4 billion years and is one of the oldest minerals that have been found on earth. It was a popular stone in the Victorian era and was even used in mourning jewelry. It is also even considered as the best substitute for diamonds which is why Zircon has been gaining popularity lately.


This is the third official birthstone of the December month and is perhaps the oldest gemstone in the human history. It is believed that the Levantine traders (the “Turks”) brought this stone to Europe from the Eastern Mediterranean and that’s where it got its name. Apart from general turquoise color, this stone is also available in green to greenish blue and sky blue shades. This stone has been used by people for thousands of years where it was considered to be a bringer of luck and protector against dark and evil. The Turquoise that is clear in color without any vein-like markings is considered to be of high quality.

Hence, if you are planning to give a December born person any gifts then these three birthstones are a perfect gift choice. And if you are planning to buy certified gemstones online then you can easily find them in different price ranges.

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