Significance of Gemstones for Each Finger

Gemstones have been an object of fascination for the human beings ever since they first walked on this earth. Since the ancient times, gemstones have inspired many myths and curses and they even have been used for different healing purposes. Throughout the history, gemstones have held great significance in people’s lives where they were used in jewelry (amulets, rings, etc.), embellishing garments and even as religious symbols – all with a belief that they protect against illness and evil spirits.

Different Finger Stone

When it comes to using gemstones in jewelry, gemstones are generally worn in rings today. It’s believed that gemstones are more effective worn in rings as each finger channelizes energy from the universe. Read on below to find about all the energies that you can channelize when you are wearing a ring on a specific finger and the best gemstone for each finger.

1) Thumb

The thumb is generally not ruled by any of the planets, but it does symbolize the strength of will, sanity and brings certainty. So wearing a ring on the thumb improves the wearer’s strength of will and sanity. The thumb is related to the inner heart of the person and rubies and garnets are the ideal stones for the thumb finger.

2) Index finger

The index finger is ruled by the mighty planet Jupiter and is related to the stomach and respiratory system of the body. A ring on the index finger helps the wearer improve leadership skills and bring high confidence. Signifying fortune and wealth, yellow sapphire is a suitable gemstone to wear on the index finger.

3) Middle finger

The middle finger is ruled by the majestic planet Saturn where the finger is associated with brain, mind, intestine, and liver. Wearing a ring on the middle finger will help you become attentive and dedicated towards your work. The perfect stone to wear on the middle finger of the right hand is a blue sapphire gemstone.

4) Ring finger

The ring finger is ruled by the noble Sun. Ring finger is related to stomach, heart, kidneys and the respiratory system. Wedding rings are worn on the ring finger where it represents creative energy and play an important role in the matters of the heart. The wearer should wear ruby, red coral gemstone and cats eye gemstone on their right hand. And if you prefer ruby then you can easily find ruby gemstone in rings for sale on online as well as conventional stores.

5) Little finger

The little finger is ruled by the planet Mercury and represents intellect and logic. The wearer should wear stones like diamond, emerald, and pearl on the right hand to improve intellect and logic of the wearer.


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