Trendy Gemstone cuts

Gemstones have always been associated with different cultures and traditions throughout history. Not only because of its value, but also because of the beauty it holds. Gemstones are undoubtedly beautiful but they don’t come in a perfect shape, they have to be cut and polished to bring out the real brilliance and beauty that it holds. There are many factors based on which the stone needs to be cut because the gemstones that are cut and polished are used in different types of jewellery.

It requires a lot of dedication and hard work for a gemstone cutter to do his work. They need at least two years of training before they can be called professionals. They have to learn different styles and types of cutting that are trending in the market. Let us see these different kinds of cut that are trendy nowadays.

Trendy gemstone cuts

Baguette Cut

Baguette cut is popular among diamond stones because diamond is the most popular choices for engagement rings. The word baguette is of French origin that refers to a loaf of thin and long French bread. This cut was invented in 1920 to 1930 during the events of Art Deco and Art Nouveau. And due to its sophisticated and geometric look baguette became instantly popular. Its 20 facets are crafted in steps along the edge but with a flat top. It looks like a pyramid without a top. It is best suited for stones like diamonds and Tourmaline.

Cabochon Cut

The word cabochon also has a French origin, referring to a knob or a small dome. Cabochon cut stones don’t have any facets of any kind. They have a curved top like a dome and are left with an irregular base which makes it easy for the jewellers to mount the stone on the jewellery. Cabochon cut stones are best suited for stones like moonstones, opal, turquoise and even star sapphire and star ruby.

Asscher Cut

The name Asscher came from their creators the Asscher brothers from Holland. It was introduced in 1902, but didn’t become popular until 1920. It is also known as “Square emerald cut” apparently due to a mild resemblance. Asscher was later modified in 2001 which increased the number of facets from 58 to 74 with wider edges. Asscher cut is really suitable for stones with rough edges.

Briolette Cut

During 17th century briolette stones were the favourite of royalties and Nobles. Many believe that briolette cut originated from India 800 years ago. Briolette when translated from French means “Brilliant”. Briolette cut gemstones are the most faceted gemstones today with table and crown and pavilion. Due to more facets in the stone, it reflects more light that gives it a more brilliant look. Briolette stones are mostly used in necklaces nowadays. Briolette cuts are most suited for diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

Emerald Cut

Being one of the oldest diamond shapes, emerald cut dates back to the 15th century. But the actual term “emerald” was not used until 20th century when the popularity of the stone increased. Since then, emerald cut were one of the popular choices for wedding rings. With over 50 facets, emerald cut has fewer facets than round and square cut. It looks like a loaf of bread with a flat table and a pointy culet. This stone is famous among the celebrities these days. Diamonds are the most popular choice for emerald cut.

Trilliant Cut

Trilliant cut was developed in 1970 as new technologies of gem cutting arrived. As being the youngest design in the list, it has certainly beautiful designs. With over 44 facets on the crown and pavilion a trilliant cut surely has brilliant and shining qualities. It basically has a triangle shape with sharp and pointed ends and soft edge. Trilliant cut works fine with light-coloured stones such as aquamarine, beryl, diamond, white sapphire etc.


Surely there are many gemstone cuts available in the market but here is a list of some of the trendiest gemstone cut designs. You can buy these gemstones from stores or you can buy it online. But if you choose to purchase it online then make sure to only buy certified gemstones online.

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