Most Expensive Gemstones on The Planet

Gemstones have been a fascinating subject throughout the human history.  It is considered to have mystical as well as healing powers. It has been used as currencies and adornments during the reign of kings. Many precious gemstones used to represent the noble and royal families.

With such myths around, it is an undeniable fact that gemstones were the foundation of human civilization. The precious and rare stones have always remained precious in all these years. Whenever we think about precious gemstone we limit our thinking to diamonds and sapphires but there are many more gemstones that are as precious and expensive as diamonds and sapphires.

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Gemstones that are auctioned in Sothebys and Christies are really rare and beautiful and are sold to really rich and famous. We will see some of those rare and precious gemstones ahead which are also few of the most expensive gemstones on the planet.


Tanzanite was first discovered in 1967 which was originally called blue zoisite. Tanzanite name was given to blue zoisite (its mineralogical name) by Tiffany to increase customer interest and increase sales. Tanzanite is available in the mines located in melerani hills on the base of Kilimanjaro Mountain. That is one of the reasons that makes it a rare stone and really expensive.


Benitoites were first discovered in 1907 in California on the banks of San Benito river hence the name (Benitoites). Later it was found in Japan and also in the state of Arkansas. Benitoties usually comes in purple or blue but when put under UV light the gem gives out a chalky blue color. The fact that it is available only in few places makes it rare and expensive.

Black Opal

As you may have figured from the title it is also one of the most valuable stones on the planet. But all jokes aside Black Opal are really beautiful, once fashioned perfectly it can rival the prices of diamonds and rubies. Black Opal stones are not black necessarily but it comes with a dark shade of green and black. Black opal is usually found in Australia. Although it is rare and beautiful it is not so durable, it scratches easily and because it is rare it is not used in jewellery that can be easily scratched.

Red Beryl

Red Beryl also goes by names like bixbrite and red emeralds. Red beryl is only found in three regions around the world – the Thomas Range, the WahWah mountain ranges in Utah and Black range in Mexico making it one of the rarest gemstones in the world. Hence the rarity of the gemstone makes it one of the most expensive gemstones on the planet.


Taaffeite is a gemstone that has been named after the founder Count Taffe which was discovered in 1945. Deposits of these particular gemstones are found in Sri Lanka and Tanzania but later research has shown proof of the deposit of Taaffeite in Madagascar. There is no natural color of Taaffeite, although it has been found in red, blue and purple color.


Jadeite is one of the two types of pure jade and rarer than its counterpart making it more precious and valuable. Jadeite stone has a rich cultural history of Spanish and Chinese civilization. Jadeite was even found in the tombs of Shang kings. Jadeite’s main source is from Myanmar (Burma) although it has been found in Japan, Guatemala, Canada, Russia, Turkey, and the USA.


The sample of first painite was first discovered in 1950 in Burma. This gemstone is also named after its discoverer Arthur Pain a British gemologist. This gemstone is available in a very unusual color combination of orange, brown and red. This gemstone is very rare and very precious making it the most expensive gemstone on the planet.


The trait that makes this gemstone unusually unique and precious is when the gemstone placed under direct sunlight it flashed shades of green. When put under a lamplight it turns red. This stone was discovered in Ural Mountain in 1830. Mines of alexandrite are found in Sri Lanka, East Africa, and Brazil today.


Musgravite name was derived from the Musgrave Range in Southern Australia. It was found back in 1967 but still found only in little quantities until this day. Musgravite stones have near identical properties with Taaffeites stones. The beauty of a meteor shower inside the stone gives it the real beauty. Nowadays this mineral is found in Sri Lanka, Greenland, Antarctica, and Tanzania.

Pink Star Diamond

Pink star diamond was found in 1999 in South Africa. This gemstone has a history of the most expensive gemstone ever sold in an auction. Although colored diamonds are more expensive than clear diamonds, pink star diamond is far more expensive than its counterpart (the pink diamond) because of its unique shade of pink. This particular gemstone was sold at Sotheby (One of the largest broker of decorative art, Jewellery, collectibles in the world) at 83 million dollars.

Not only Diamonds and Sapphires are expensive. This list gives us the most expensive gemstones on the planet than sapphires and diamonds.  If you are looking to buy gemstones online then be careful and only buy certified gemstones online.

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