14 Interesting Facts about the Precious Green Marvel – The Emerald

Gemstones have been a fascinating object for the ancient people. Some cultures gave gemstones the place among gods because of its rarity and beauty. As time progressed the gemstones were polished and were used in the jewellery and embellished in dresses. There are several gemstones that were used for decoration purposes in buildings such as the Taj Mahal and decorate swords. Many gemmologists also believed that gemstones had the ability of healing.

the Precious Green Marvel – The Emerald

The history has witnessed several beautiful gemstones such as Diamonds, Ruby, Sapphire, etc. But the gemstone that has been loved by many significant personalities throughout history is the emerald. The emerald has a rich history and the beauty of emerald is praised since ages.

The Emerald

The emerald gemstone is also associated with the birth month May. It is a popular choice for an engagement ring for celebrities that have also attracted normal people. The emerald gemstone is so popular that a whole gemstone cut is dedicated to the gemstone where the stone is cut in a rectangular shape. The green color of the stone reflects the light at a beautiful angle that the beauty of the stone is enhanced due to it. Here are some facts about emerald that will help you understand more about this green marvel.

Facts about emeralds

  1. The emerald gemstone belongs to the family of beryl mineral which is also the most precious stone from the beryl family.
  2. Colombia produces the most emerald in the world which is almost 50% of total world contribution.
  3. Aztecs believed that the emerald gemstone is related to fertility and they were known as the stone of the world.
  4. The emerald ranges in between 7.5 – 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This states that the stone is prone to cracking and chipping if not taken care of.
  5. The largest uncut emerald weights up to 1,383.93 carats which is known as the Duke of Devonshire Emerald.
  6. The oldest gemstone is believed to be 2.97 billion years old based on the carbon dating on the stone.
  7. As per the medical astrology, the stone is widely used for treating nervous disorders, speech difficulties, and even skin allergies.
  8. The emerald was often related to Venus the goddess of love by the Romans. It was the favourite stone of lovers and couples back in that time.
  9. As per Indian astrology, the emerald is related to the planet Mercury and is believed to bring immense good luck to the wearer.
  10. Natural emeralds are prone to inclusions and finding an emerald without any inclusions is extremely rare.
  11. Emeralds are the fourth most precious stones on the planet following Diamonds, Ruby, and Sapphire.
  12. The green color of the emerald decides the value of the emerald. More green the emerald, more value of the emerald.
  13. The term emerald is derived from a Greek word Smaragdus, which literally means green.
  14. The emerald is never found alone, they are usually found in the quarries of quartz.

The emerald gemstone is surely a green marvel which ranks fourth in the list of most precious gemstone in the world. If you are planning to buy an engagement ring, emerald is the appropriate choice for the ring. You can look for emerald stones on online websites that offer Natural Gemstones For Sale but beware of the counterfeit websites.

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