April Birthstones

The people born in April month are active and lively. They are often associated with power and authority that they like to show to the people near them. This makes them a good leader and a person with positive stubbornness. Even with their brave and powerful personality, they are sensitive to the things in their life and care for deeper things. These character traits empower them a chance of being optimistic and attract good things in their life.

April Birthstone

There are many dedicated artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and William Shakespeare who were born in the April month. Hence the people born in the April month cannot have any birthstone that is less valuable than Diamond. The Diamond is the birthstone of April born people around the world. The Diamond is considered as the hardest stone on the planet. It is made completely of carbon in high temperature and pressure. Diamonds are the preferred gemstones for engagement rings. Here is a detailed view on Diamonds that is also known as the April Birthstone.

History of Diamond

The diamonds have a rich history where the name was originated from ancient Greece meaning ‘unbreakable’, ‘proper’, etc. The Diamond was mined in large quantity in India where it was included as a religious icon. The diamonds were used by kings and ancient nobles in India to embellish dressed and decorate buildings. The diamonds in the old times were assessed based on 4 C’s that are Cut, Clarity, Carat, and Colour.

Properties of Diamonds

Diamonds are completely formed out of carbon under high temperature and pressure. Coal, graphite, and diamonds belong to the same family and so the chemical formula of each of these materials is same. The unique atom bonding of carbon differentiates the between these materials. The specific gravity of diamond is 3.52 and the mean refractive index of diamond is 2.418 which rates 10 on Moh’s scale regarding the hardness of the stone.

Identification of Diamonds

The diamonds can easily be identified because of its translucency or transparency. Normally the diamonds possess inclusions that can be easily viewed with the naked eye or under magnification. Diamonds without any inclusions or under visible under 50X magnification are extremely rare and are only found amongst collectors. There are even black spots on diamonds which can be visible under light that are graphite which was not completely transformed as diamonds.

Source of Diamonds

Diamonds are pretty common gemstones but the thing that makes diamonds more valuable is the mining process of the gemstone. The diamonds are mined from under the earth from an exponential depth. These diamonds are found in Australia, India, South Africa, Kenya, Russia, Brazil, Tanzania, etc.

Diamond Gifts

Diamonds make an expensive gift but it also shows the care that you have for that person. There are many gifting options for diamonds that can be selected from. There are many diamond necklace sets that use more than one diamond. The diamond can also be given as a gift by engraving it in earrings, nose rings, bracelets, etc. Thus diamonds have many gifting options that can be given to that special April born.

There are many fake diamonds on the market that can be figured by certifying it in the best laboratories with the help of Global Gemology. Global gemology also helps its user to look for the best gemstone and the best rates for that gemstone. So if you are looking to know about diamonds and its market rate and trends then you can contact Global gemology.

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