May Birthstone

People born in the month of May are just like spring season that comes in May. They are always blooming regardless of the challenges that they face. They are the positive re-enforcement for every person in the room. That is the reason they are like by the people around them. They are the life of the group and the glue that holds the group together.

May Birthstone

The emerald stone seems like a perfect fit for such May born people. The green color of emerald is associated with the spring that May month brings. Emerald is one of the most precious stones on the planet. The emerald has been the choice for many celebrities for engagement rings and jewellery. The color green helps bring out the beauty of the jewellery and also give an elegant look to the wearer. Emerald is also known for its healing capabilities along with the looks of the gemstone.

Emerald Gemstone

The emerald gemstone belongs to the family of beryl mineral and is of green color because of the vanadium and chromium. The emerald gemstone was a symbol of royalty and nobleness since the time of kings. It was used as a method of payment in some ancient civilization for a short period of time which was then replaced with the arrival of coins. The emerald stone symbolizes patience and wisdom and people believe that it enhances the thinking spectrum, foresight, and visibility of the wearer. Here are some more aspects of emerald that will help you understand more about this May month gemstone.

History of Emerald

The emerald has been the substance of interest since the Egyptian times. The queen of Egypt, Cleopatra had a deep admiration and fascination for emerald and it was the most adored gemstone in her collection. The Romans associated emerald with Venus the goddess of love and, therefore, it was of great significance for the people in love during the Roman times and this was the same with the Greek civilization.

Properties of Emerald

Emerald gemstones are available in deep green color because of the vanadium and chromium mineral present in the gemstone. The emerald is found from the ground and therefore, it doesn’t shine bright green because of the impurity that it possesses. After the polishing, the emerald gives a beautiful green shine. The emerald ranges from 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale which is generally referred as poor in toughness. Therefore, it is advised by many jewellers to take care of the emerald jewellery because of its poor resistance to scratches and cracks.

Formation and Origins

The emerald gemstone is formed with the help of other mineral and the process is extremely gradual. The process of emerald gemstone starts from deep in the earth’s crust where the hydrothermal veins occurs. The magma that flows through these veins provides one of the important aspects of gemstone formation, the temperature. The emerald is found in the quarries of Brazil, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Colombia, etc which have the most famous quarries of emerald in the world.

Power of Emerald

The emerald is believed to give few people the ability to see the future. Apart from these the emerald is also believed to have healing capabilities that can help you heal heart problems, lungs related, and muscular related problems. The emerald is believed to bring harmony, mental stability, and emotional enhancement to the wearer. The scientific world is also researching emerald for the signs of healing physical issues.

The emerald gemstone is definitely a beautiful and valuable gemstone. There are many platforms that provide emerald gemstones, but it is extremely important that you buy from a reliable place. The fake places sell synthetic emerald that can only be found if tested in a laboratory. Therefore it is advised by many experts to buy Natural Gemstones For Sale rather than buy synthetic gemstones.

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