Top Diamond Cuts And Shapes For Jewellery

Top Diamond Cuts And Shapes For Jewellery

Diamonds are really beautiful and renowned to reflect light that displays its beauty in doing so. When we think of diamonds we think of the shapes and cuts that diamonds come in. The beautiful cuts and shapes are what make it favourable for the people. When the diamond is cut, polished, and embellished in the jewellery the diamond looks beautiful.

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Diamond is adored by several people for the beauty of the diamond that enhances the beauty of the person who wears it. Along with the diamond cut, the diamond shape also holds significance in the jewellery embellishment. The diamond cut and diamond shape can be confusing but both of them are completely different. The diamond value completely depends on the shape and the cut that diamonds are available in. The 4C’s of the diamond also affects the value of the diamond from design to design. Here are the 4C’s of the diamonds.

The Four C’s of the Diamond

Colour: The diamond colour ranges from colourless to light yellow and light brown. The coloured diamonds are common and a fancy choice for jewellery whereas the colourless diamonds are rare and are an expensive choice for jewellery.

Cut: There are different types of diamond cuts that are available in the market. The beauty of the diamond cut depends on the cutter’s skills and experience. Keener the cut of the diamond, better it looks on jewellery.

Clarity: Diamonds are formed when carbon atoms are exposed to extreme heat and pressure. This process happens under the earth and therefore you can see blemishes and inclusions on the diamonds. Amount of these blemishes and inclusions determines the clarity of a diamond. Fewer blemishes and inclusions mean more clarity of the stone.

Carat: Carat is the physical unit on which the stone is measured. Carat is also known as metric Carat equals to 1/5 gram and is subdivided into 100 points. The diamond is sold on the basis of carat weight that makes it an important aspect of a carat.

These 4C’s are depended on the diamond cuts and shapes that are found in the market. The shapes and cuts of the diamond also determine the price of the diamond on the jewellery. Here are some of the prominent diamond cuts and shapes that are available in the market.

Diamond Cuts

The emerald cut diamond: The emerald cut diamond is trending because of its wide width and enhanced clarity. It is one of the popular choices amongst many celebrities.

The princess cut diamond: This is a very sophisticated diamond cut just like its name. The square and rectangular shapes give a different coloured view from each corner of the diamond.

The Asscher cut diamond: This is a very popular cut due to the design and the reflection of light through the cut. It is a really modern cut that is accepted by the young generation and has become their favourite choice.

The Marquise cut diamond: This cut has the maximum carat weight amongst all diamond cuts. It displays the actual rough shape of the diamond giving it a raw look. Special care is recommended as the points can easily be damaged.

The Cushion cut diamond: The cushion cut diamonds are available in square and rectangle shape just like the princess cut. This diamond cut has the maximum clarity that brings out the light in the stone. Many old diamonds are cut based on this cut design.

Diamond Shapes

Choosing the correct diamonds can be confusing for many people. Here are some of the popular designs that can help the selector to settle on a shape that would suit his/her taste.

Round: This shape has been a favourite and a common choice for people for over a thousand years.

Marquise: This shape is a sophisticated choice for any individual. The elegant shape reflects light in a beautiful way that also makes marquise shaped diamonds beautiful.

Pear: It is a combination of round and marquise shape giving it a shape of a water droplet. The pear shape is popular because of the beauty that it displays of the wearer.

Asscher: Asscher is often mistaken for emerald shape because of the cut that is similar in both these shapes.

Here are some of the popular diamond shapes and cuts that people buy. If you are looking to buy polished and cut stones online then only consider to Buy Genuine Gemstones Online because of many fake sellers online. This designs and cuts will help you decide the ones that will suit you.

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