Types of Ruby Gemstones

Gemstones are a fascinating subject for humans for a long time. The gemstones have been objects of decoration, used as currency, and even used for healing. One such gemstone that has made its significant place among other gemstones is Ruby. Ruby has always been a beautiful scarlet gemstone that has attracted queens and noble women equally all around the world.

Ruby is known as the Ratnaraj in Sanskrit, roughly translated “The king of gemstones”. The red color of the ruby has been associated with the blood running through the veins. That is the reason that ruby was used a stone to heal problems related to heart and lungs. It even got its name from a Latin word “Ruber” which means red. When the western world came across ruby, it became one of the most sought-after gemstones for royalties in Europe. It was also regarded in the 12 most precious gemstones created by God. Ruby has also referred in many stories such as the “The Wizard of the OZ” where Dorothy has magical Ruby slippers that allowed her to travel home.

Apart from its beauty and popularity, Ruby is also considered as one of the hardest gemstones on the planet. It ranges near 9 regarding hardness on Mohs scale. Ruby is formed by aluminium oxide silicate which gains its color by chromium, iron, and/or titanium. Although having same physical properties and name, there are many types of ruby gemstones that are available in the commercial market.

Burmese Rubies

Burmese Rubies

This is one of the finest qualities of rubies found on the commercial market which are found in Myanmar. These types of gemstones are dark red in color due to a high presence of chromium in the gemstone. These rubies frequently have blemishes which can be considered as a sign of its authenticity.

African Rubies

African Rubies

These rubies are mostly found in the mines of Madagascar, Mozambique, and Kenya. These rubies have natural orange/red and pinkish color which gives an elegant look to the stone. Gemstones from these mines come in different shapes and sizes.

Indian Rubies

Indian Rubies

India has a history of ruby appreciation which has made India an old source of Ruby gemstones. These rubies are found in the mines of Orissa and Mysore. They have also found many cuts and designs of ruby gemstones.

Thai Rubies

thai rubies

These rubies are also dark red in color like Burmese rubies. Many rubies also have traces of brown color in them. They are found in the mines from the southeast region of Bangkok. These are also considered as the second best rubies in the market.

Afghan Rubies

afghan rubies

Afghan rubies are considered as the most beautiful gemstones on the planet. The faint red to a deep dark red color of the ruby makes it extremely beautiful. These gemstones are found in the mines of Badakshan and Jagdalek regions. Where there are no other mines that can match the quality of Jagdalek rubies.

Here are some of the popular types of ruby gemstones that are available in the commercial market. If you are looking to Buy Ruby Gemstones Online, then make sure that you buy certified ruby. There are many laboratories that can provide you a certification of your gemstone if you are selling and want to get the gemstone certified. Thus ruby is an exceptional gemstone and it is a privilege to own it.

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