Types of Ruby Gemstones

Gemstones are a fascinating subject for humans for a long time. The gemstones have been objects of decoration, used as currency, and even used for healing. One such gemstone that has made its significant place among other gemstones is Ruby. Ruby has always been a beautiful scarlet gemstone that has attracted queens and noble women …

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Significance of Gemstones for Each Finger

Gemstones have been an object of fascination for the human beings ever since they first walked on this earth. Since the ancient times, gemstones have inspired many myths and curses and they even have been used for different healing purposes. Throughout the history, gemstones have held great significance in people’s lives where they were used …

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5 Most Trending Gemstones in The World

There is something very enchanting about gemstones and the fact that they look extremely beautiful is what makes them very popular especially among the women. The popularity of gemstones is nothing new because they have been used by people since ages – be it for embellishing clothes, jewellery and was even used for healing purposes …

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